Saturday, May 20, 2006

today : The s'dog's Eurovision betting tips

Hurrah! It's Eurovision tonight. That pan european metaphor for the diplomatic conditions within the greater European family of nations. . I am writing this before the contest has even begun, and even though many people believe it is the turn of one of the more 'traditional' countries to win, I predict that the contest will be won by one of the Balkan Bloc countries.

If the contest winner is to move back north and west then the best bet is on the Viking nations. Norway would be a good outside bet. Finland being my preferred guess in this scenario, although whether their Satanic Death Metal entry will have cross European appeal (especially amongst the more Orthodox and Catholic states ) is worriesome.

However, given that Bosnia and Croatia may still divide some loyalties, what with the recent death of Milosevic and the national voting arguments, my prediction for an outside bet is newcomers Armenia (not, sadly, represented by System of A Down), with an each way chance on Moldova or Macedonia.

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  1. okay, i was wrong about the Former Soviet voting block, so if you lost money on it then that's your own stupid fault. However, I did finger Finland's SlipKnot lite entry as an outsider.