Friday, April 15, 2011

today : a post to excuse my lack of posting

My writing has taken a turn recently and I've been working on a long piece. It's 30,000ish words so far. Which explains the fact that I have been neglecting my 'umble blog. As I've said before, even tho' I have no real readers I feel bad when I don't post as it means my discipline looks like it is slipping. Which is why I;m posting a list of things I might write about if I could be bothered or had the time.
Why I am voting no to AV.
The nature of the parasocial relationships I have with radio presenters
sub topic: how I have gradually given up on Five Live as their presenters have got worse.
I am excited about getting a new car.
Gardening season has arrived again.
Why my Rugby League team - The Leeds Rhinos - have gone from Champions to useless.
Hating having a Tory government.
I like the music of prog-rock, but generally hate the lyrics.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

today : Robin Hood in Reverse

Yet again today we got the same old guff about reforming welfare, on the grounds that pretty much everyone who gets anything is a lying scrounging worthless bastard.

The Tories published their welfare bill before the consultation had finished. Their version of 'listening' is to selectively hear and then ignore. The decision to attack to poor and helpless had already been made and designed. After all, it's in their ideological DNA to hate people who are different. Especially if those people might need a little help and support. Let the bankers keep their bonuses and the corporations pay less tax, it's okay. We'll just take from the poor.

The 'tests' for people on incapacity benefit are imported from the USA. They're the same ones the HMOs use to try and not pay for treatment. You can read lots more about this governments ideological and mean-spirited attack on the disabled at The Broken of Britain.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

today : Hooray for Casey

Despite the pretty distasteful and exploitative follow ups on the Aussie news channels, and the fact that the usual cretinous anonymous internet bullies (oh ,the irony) have decided to mete out to the bully, it's still gratifying to see the original clip of Aussie schoolboy Casey Haynes snapping and doling out a beating to his tormentor.