Tuesday, April 05, 2011

today : Robin Hood in Reverse

Yet again today we got the same old guff about reforming welfare, on the grounds that pretty much everyone who gets anything is a lying scrounging worthless bastard.

The Tories published their welfare bill before the consultation had finished. Their version of 'listening' is to selectively hear and then ignore. The decision to attack to poor and helpless had already been made and designed. After all, it's in their ideological DNA to hate people who are different. Especially if those people might need a little help and support. Let the bankers keep their bonuses and the corporations pay less tax, it's okay. We'll just take from the poor.

The 'tests' for people on incapacity benefit are imported from the USA. They're the same ones the HMOs use to try and not pay for treatment. You can read lots more about this governments ideological and mean-spirited attack on the disabled at The Broken of Britain.

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