Friday, April 15, 2011

today : a post to excuse my lack of posting

My writing has taken a turn recently and I've been working on a long piece. It's 30,000ish words so far. Which explains the fact that I have been neglecting my 'umble blog. As I've said before, even tho' I have no real readers I feel bad when I don't post as it means my discipline looks like it is slipping. Which is why I;m posting a list of things I might write about if I could be bothered or had the time.
Why I am voting no to AV.
The nature of the parasocial relationships I have with radio presenters
sub topic: how I have gradually given up on Five Live as their presenters have got worse.
I am excited about getting a new car.
Gardening season has arrived again.
Why my Rugby League team - The Leeds Rhinos - have gone from Champions to useless.
Hating having a Tory government.
I like the music of prog-rock, but generally hate the lyrics.

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