Thursday, August 17, 2006

today : I tell you what will be on the evening news

What will be on the news today.

1. A level results will rise.
2. Various talking heads from business organisations will accuse A levels of being easier than 'in my day' and lots of exam board types will defend the difiicultness of modern exams
3. A junior minister will grudgingly congratulate teachers on being good at their jobs
4. The same press who obsess about pedophiles will pick the prettiest 'barely legal' girl to put on their front pages celebrating her results.
5. There will be some twins, or perhaps triplets. Both of whom have got into Oxford or Cambridge.
6. A disabled kid will have overcome insurmountable obstacles and got 9 A grades.
7. An immigrant kid (possibly a Bosnian or Iraqi war refugee) who could barely speak English two years ago will get several A grades.
8. Endless people will show up giving advice about clearing.
9. Nothing will besaid about the kids who didn't do A levels, because they don't matter.

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