Monday, November 05, 2007

today : TV reviewlets

The Sarah Silverman Program

Just got this on the Comedy Channel and it's basically a low rent pointless rip off of Larry David Whichever self-absorbed fool is behind this stuff they didn't even get the point. At least 'Larry's' comedy was based on him trying to do the right thing and being hapless. The 'Sarah' character just behaves like an awful wanker and someone needs to kick her in the shins. Anyone can write toe-curling; the hard thing is writing jokes. Even harder is pulling off the trick where the audience just don't want the characters to die immediately because they are so annoying.


Don't understand this. Is it someones idea of a fantasy of cynical cool, a satire of cynical cool or just made by people who think they are so cynically cool that they haven't noticed that they are inhabiting the inside of their own backsides? either way it's a comedy drama that has no drama and even less comedy, peopled by appalling shallow characters you would punch if you met them.

Ugly Betty

So, it turns out that fashion people are stupid pathetic shallow backstabbing vermin. Thanks for the enlightenment. See also, America's Next Top Model where the contestants are photographed as murder victims and then congratulated : "Wow! you actually look dead!"


As entertaining as doing a jigsaw puzzle with no picture on it, or a crossword made up entirely of consonants. Showing the endless drink driving trials would be more fun.

Thursdays are funny on BBC2 they aren't. Jennifer Saunders satirises TV. Her character is wholly vile, and ...wait for it...her name is Vivian Vyle!. Genius. Peter Serafinowicz seems like a nice chap, unfortunately the scripts are a compilation of all those sketches that magazine writers who harbour the mistaken belief that they are great undiscovered comedy writing talents and that the lame drunken jokes they made with their mates at the weekend or in the sixth form, are worth writing down and turning into comedy sketches, write in their magazines when they haven't got enough actual writing to fill the magazine. Also stuff that was found on the floor in the abandoned Hale and Pace writers room. And by the way I've simply had enough of Graham Norton giggling about bottoms.

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