Monday, March 31, 2008

today : the blameless

Somewhere in an office in the bowels of British Airways HQ there sits a faceless, nameless man in a grey suit. He is satisfied, as he neither thinks or believes that the fiasco at Heathrow Terminal 5 is anything to do with him. The blame is someone elses, although whose he couldn't say exactly.
Around him are other offices occupied by other faceless, nameless people in grey suits. They all think and believe the same. At Terminal 5 people are missing weddings and funerals and hard earned holidays, cricking their backs trying to sleep on airport chairs. Somewhere underground there are 15,000 items of luggage with owners, but nowhere to go.

Nobody is to blame. It's nobody's fault.

Everywhere. Schools that send 40% of their pupils out without the ability to read or add up. Hospitals that wheel their patients, not to the exit, but to the morgue, because the operation was a success but the infection didn't respond to treatment. Banks that leave their mortgage holders homeless, building projects that overun by years and vacuum up taxes, innocent citizens locked up whilst the guilty walk away laughing, companies with tanking share prices and swathes of redundancies. Armies that are supposed to liberate but end up brutalising and pissing on the faces of the people.

None of this is anyone's fault. In fact it isn't even anyone's responsibility. It just happens. Like when kids kick people to death on the streets, stab each other in gang wars, steal anything they haven't got and terrorise their communities. It's not their fault because nobody has taught them responsibility. Just like the man in the grey suit, they are blameless.

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