Sunday, November 22, 2009

today : a small step

What with all the floods and the Queen's Speech and all that, this
interesting news story kind of slipped by.
Nobody seemed to have noticed that the bank involved was RBS. Remember them? They ran themselves into the ground by sheer unadulterated greed and incompetence, and are currently existing purely on the backs of Britain's tax-payers, including paying their useless and rat-faced former CEO a 'pension' of 3 million quid a year.

And then they want to spend money on appealing a decision that treating people well is kind of something you should endeavour to do.

Whoever decided to appeal this decision on their behalf should be sacked forthwith, and possibly replaced with a
disabled person. At least we cripples tend to have some perspective on things like managing our meagre finances and what it is like to live in the world rather than a palace made up of diamonds and sculpted towers of cocaine.

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