Sunday, April 18, 2010

today : let's bomb Iceland

After all, they took most of our Cod, then they accidentally lost most of our money, and now they've ruined everyone's holidays with their great big apocalyptic cloud of ash. That's before we get started on Sigur Ros's plinky-plonky talentless-children-playing-on-a-church-hall-piano dirges all over the X factor and every nature bloody programme not to mention the supremely annoying vocals, dancing and trumpet playing of Einar Orn and his tiresome pixie sidekick
also Magnus Magnusson, Eggert Magnusson and, perhaps worst of all, everyone involved in the TV show Lazytown. (actually, I quite like Bjork's songs Violently Happy and Isobel, but surely we cannot forgive her dressing up as a duck)

Anyway, a couple of Trident missiles should do the job, unless the engines get clogged up on the way and we end up eradicating Shetland.

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