Monday, June 28, 2010

today : recriminations

Today's guest blogger is 'The Professor' - who emailed me these comments. Who says American citizens don't know shoot about "soccer"?

They only have themselves to blame. The problem is fundamental and structural. The FA, in its toxic relationship with the EPL, simply doesn't prioritize the national game. When I heard that the Germans had been practicing with the ball since January and had completely revamped the youth footy programs, I thought to myself, these people really want to win the WC. Our priorities are elsewhere. All this is fine if we just are honest about it: that the EPL and the massive tv contracts with clubs that just want to win (regardless of the nationality of the players or how they treat them) are what is the most important thing in English football. Until that changes, England will not win the WC. In fact, they seem further away from winning it than they were ten or twenty years ago.

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