Wednesday, March 10, 2010

today : I find who to blame

I've had a pretty crappy week. I felt ill and ended each day with one of those headaches that's like something is gnawing away at the inside of your sinuses. Today I went to the shops and had to wait ages for a disabled parking spot to come free. The when I got home I had to do the same to park outside my own house (the whole street was jammed with non-residents' cars. It drives us mad). Then I had a nasty letter from the bank.

And if I am to follow the current course of media events - it is Gordon Brown's fault, or Jack Straw's, of Des Brown's, or some other cabinet minister. There must be a minister for parking. The 40 minutes I wasted today waiting for spots to come free were HIS FAULT. My non-specific cold-like headache inducing illness is clearly due to the government ineptly running the NHS. Whomever is Minister of Health, well it's HIS FAULT. They've had ten whole years to foresee the bank sending me a nasty letter and should have dealt with it years ago. They never even thought of pouring research money into a vaccine that could prevent my headaches - all the time spending money on other stuff.

I immediately called for ministerial level meetings where I can tell them what policies to adopt because they, in their expenses-paid flats with their private bar and first class trains, clearly don't understand just how hard it was being me over the last 7 days. I demand action.

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