Wednesday, March 31, 2010

today: wake me up when it's all over

I know I said I wasn't going to write about the election but this is, I have convinced myself, meta-election talk, and not direct discussion of politics. So the rules have changed (I know, cos I changed 'em). I am now allowed to discuss elections, as a general topic, as long as I don't get caught up in the election.

The problem with being someone who reads the news, follows the issues and is generally politically minded but not a rabid political junkie, is that when elections come around, it gets very boring. I wish I could muster a youthful obsessive enthusiasm, a blogosphere-style excitement over the daily minutiae of Westminster machinations. But I cannot. I've pretty much thought out my position on the issues and the chances of my vote being swayed are zero at best.

2010 is a pretty boring election too. The incumbent government isn't absolutely despised, like the Thatcher/Major bunch were. Neither are any of the candidates inspirational, like Blair or Obama were. There is almost nothing to vote for or against - this especially true when all parties face trying economic times with very little money or room for big policy shifts. (They could be bold and brave and do it anyway - they could try and solve the recession and transform society at the same time - but they won't even try. Boldness is not a characteristic any cadidate government has in 2010).

I also wish I could get angry. Not that I'm not angry about a whole raft of injustices and foolish political decisions, but I just don't possess the energy or motivation to leap up in outrage each time I disagree with someone. My anger is more of a slow burn. Which is in keeping with my general opinion that politics is not really a short term business, but operates in decades rather than weeks.

This is why I am already bored with the election campaign - some days before it even officially starts. Claim and counter-claim. Accusation and counter accusation, smear and counter smear. The game is pointlessly repetitive - like really dull basketball. And it's noisy, fiddly and hard to follow - like an undending game of squash.

So, unless something big happens I shall be trying hard to duck the endless election nonsense. Wake me up when it's all over.

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