Thursday, May 06, 2010

today : listen to this

In a totally figurative and entirely non-stalkerish way, if Paloma Faith wished it, I would, of course, gladly marry her.

Her first record was really excellent. And more, the more I heard her speak last year, the more I thought she was clearly an intelligent, naturally funny and extremely talented performer and personality.

If you get the chance, catch the performance she did with The Guy Barker Orchestra, broadcast on Radio2 this week. It was outstanding, and will have done a lot to promote her into a whole different stratosphere - not just another female pop-star, but an artist with rare depth and potential. A clever and knowledgeable choice of 'classic' tunes, interpreted with character, skill and charisma. At the end she says to the crowd "This is the best day of my life so far" and the performance was so good that I imagine it wasn't just a platitude.

The iplayer link is here

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