Monday, September 13, 2010

today : Dade in flame

Okay, I know Gainesville ain't Miami but the pun was irresistable
Although all the criticism of Pastor John is totally justified, in that he is clearly one of those egotisical and not overly bright semi-charlatans who need to set up their own church in order to feel important, let us not forget that he only threatened to burn a few books.
What is really stupid is that the very idea of burning some paper ( or drawing a picture, or writing down some words) can be so inflamatory to some people that they will potentially kill innocent bystanders who would no more burn a Qu'ran than eat their own shoes in a sandwich with sliced domestic guinea pig and picallili. So while everyone continues to condemn this silly man in Florida, let's not just accept insane extremism as a given, but point it out and stand up against it.

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