Wednesday, September 29, 2010

today : tell them to shut up

People don't often say this, but right wing people are almost entirely stupid. I'm not using it in a general insult kind of way - saying, "Oh, people who disagree with me, they must be idiots." What I'm saying is that they actually are stupid, as in feeble minded, unintelligent and shallow of thought.

They are also liars. Maybe their lying springs from the fact that because they are stupid they get confused over things like logic, so they lie accidentally. But it's still lies. Here's a right wing economic lie: "The government should be small and taxes should be lower."
What they mean is, the government shouldn't do anything for anyone apart from me, and taxes should be lower for me.

Did I mention that right wing people are invariably totally selfish?

Here's another lie that right wing people trot out. Immigration is bad. What they mean (in England and America anyway), is that black and brown people are bad. No Daily Mail articles about all those nasty American actors and academics, aussie barmaids or South African Cricketers. It's foreigners who are bad. People who look different, or talk a different language. Which is a childish way of sorting out the world. People who look and talk like me - good: people who look different and talk different - bad.

Right wing people are invariably childish in their view of the world.

This is because they either haven't realised, or can't cope with the idea that things are complex and difficult. Right wingers are always desperate to reduce things to a simple binary level. Often they lie to make the world fit into their simple-minded perceptions. Invariably they are selfish in the way they simplify the world. It always ends up as me/you, us/them.

And most of all they are cowards. Scared to death of change, complexity, difference and reality.

In order to justify their fear they will adopt extreme standpoints that are illogical and dangerous. Yet it never crosses their minds that, for example, you cannot be a Christian and hate everyone else in the world. It says so in the Bible. Perhaps they are too stupid to read it.

Right wingers don't do ideology (the people who exploit them do do ideology - this is a whole new category. Not Right Wing but just evil). Ideology is about 3 syllables too long for right wingers to cope with. In fact they don't even do ideas.

Left thinking people don't point these obvious truths out enough. Left thinkers give right wing people too much credit. We sympathise with them. We imagine they are as intelligent, insightful and sensitive as we are. We defend their right to spout whatever moronic crap they are thinking, in their small, stupid, childish, selfish frightened little minds.

We really should just tell them to shut up.

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