Sunday, July 30, 2006

today : I get involved in a drugs scandal or Medication's What You Need.

Following my world record attempt the other day I really believed that I had set the global mark for the shortest blog entry of all time

However, I must announce today that the record may be invalidated because I failed a drugs test. It seems that when rigorously tested, the initial samples indicate that I was riddled with banned substances, namely:

Head and Shoulders
Hawaiian Tropic Factor 25
The hint of lime that was in my bottled water
and Rennies.

Dick Pound (surely a made up name), Head of the World Anti-Doping Agency was unavailable for comment at the time of writing, but it is not looking good. My record may be wiped from the book before it is even validated. I apologise. It looks like I have let down my fans and supporters, the world of blogging and most importantly myself.

I now plan to switch to Baseball.

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