Wednesday, July 19, 2006

today : Phew! What a Scorcher

So anyway, apart from the fact that British fridges are just NOT BLOODY COLD ENOUGH, I am enjoying our mini-heatwave.

Today is supposed to be the hottest day that our fair isles have EVER had. Personally I get the impression that it is the South East of the country that is going to be hottest. And of course, the London-based media are all going loony over it. The poor people of the former Londinium are going to have to spend all day at work in unbearable heat reaching upwards of 75 degrees. That means getting on the tube or a bus, going to the office and all those other horrendously difficult things that they do. All in unbearable heat. Aww diddums.

We are getting warnings about how to avoid death, which basically summed up are:
1. Waft yourself with a newspaper
2. Don't wear Damart.
3. Remember to drink water.

The red-tops always despatch a photographer or seven to Brighton Beach to take 'news' photos of topless women on the very pebbly and uncomfortable looking nude beach there The Sun is here, The Mirror here and The Star is here). Even the TV news uses a peak of sunshine to show 'news' footage of office ladies sunbathing next to the Serpentine. Somewhere in the nation a local TV reporter will actually try and fry an egg on the pavement. It's pathetic. The projected temperature is going to be 95 degrees, according to, the same temperature the fair people of New Orleans and Dubai are experiencing even as I speak In Austin TX it is 100 degrees today. In Death Valley it is currently 115 degrees.


The problem we have in this country is that we are just not set up for weather. It's like we have a weather blind spot. No heaters in Winter, no air conditioning in Summer. For a country that has such an unpredictable weather pattern we always panic when weather actually happens. We build houses on flood plains and then act surprised when they flood, one inch of snow causes the entire nation to grind to a halt and now a little bit of heat IN THE SUMMER is all too much to bear.


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