Wednesday, July 05, 2006

today : a word of thanks

Like you want to know, but I'm telling you anyway. Recently I have had a pretty terrible time - probably the worst few months of my life thus far. Everything kinda went into flux and I was facing a real danger of life meltdown. Today it was over. That danger was suddenly gone.

And this is exactly the kind of time when you disover who your friends are, and the true mettle of your family. Because, let's face it, the two are more or less the same thing. They say that your friends are the family you choose. In some ways that's true. They serve similar functions, sharing the good and the bad times. I am lucky that my family is the type to stick together circle the wagons when trouble calls.

But at the risk of sounding like an excruciating Oscars speech, the last four months or so would have been nigh on impossible without four specific friends who nailed their colours to the mast and offered me unquestioning and unconditional support. They know who they are and they deserve thanks. But actually the best I, or anyone, can do is to try and reciprocate should the need arise.

On one condition. I would like them to hold off getting in any trouble until this damned headache wears off and there are no more World Cup matches to watch.

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